Apr 16, 2009

Sexy Poets Quiz

Because who doesn't like sexy poetry? Certainly not you.

From the Best American Poetry blog:

Match the poet with the quote from his or her poem:

1. "I groped for him before I knew"

2. "you slip/ half-a-foot deep into someone you like"

3. "new memory like a seltzer in my crotch"

4. "he kissed her Anne Sexton/ and she returned the favor, caressing his Ted Berrigan"

5. "that slippery ingress ... its complicated fragrance"

6. "Gently, with my lips/ loosen the button./ Have them slip into my hands/ Like two freshly poured beer mugs"

7. "she wanted him hung up on her breasts, not on her feet"

8. "The clam shell opens./ The oyster is eaten."

9. "At each beat of his heart it threw/ An odd little nod my way. From the slot of the spout/ Extended a drop of transparent viscous goo"

10. "nude ghosts seeking each other out in the silence"

Charles Simic

Marge Piercy

Albert Goldbarth

Emily Dickinson

David Lehman

Allen Ginsberg

Elizabeth Alexander

Michael Ryan

Jim Cummins

W. H. Auden

...Um, is the first one Emily Dickinson? I clearly don't know anything about poetry. Philistine.
Also: "beer mugs," heh.

Apr 14, 2009

200 million failures members

I know you know that Facebook just crossed the milestone of 200 million "active" members. And, as they instructionally (gloating-ly?) convey in their press release-type video, we could all use a little perspective on that number. For example, Facebook says that "It took 20,000 years for the world population to get to 200 million" and that "It would take 46.5 years for 200 million babies to be born in the U.S." Also, they tell me that if Facebook were a country, a population of 200 million would make it the 5th largest, "bigger than Brazil, Japan, and Russia."

And according to EW's PopWatch, "If Facebook users created a Facebook language, it would be roughly the sixth most-spoken language on Earth. If Facebook were a religion, it would be one of the 10 most-widely practiced." As an "active" Facebook member myself, I say, Welcome to Facebooktonia. Sprechen Sie news feed? Amen!

These are intriguing figures, natch. But then this report came out today, from (The) Ohio State University, saying that college students who are also Facebook members "spend less time studying and have lower grade point averages" than those students who are not members. (Probably because they spend more time using Virtual Bookshelves than...real ones. Or whatever. Haha. I'm funny.) Also, the study claims that most Facebook users don't think it hinders their study time, even when the information suggests otherwise.

Speaking as someone who is not studying (but should be) and is currently--right now!--logged on to Facebook (but shouldn't be?), I say...well DUH, Facebook interferes with studying. Facebook is better than studying. Who would rather be reading a textbook about Statistics (or whatever "college" makes you do nowadays) than adding virtual flair to their virtual flair collection or coming up with (cute) ironies and/or witticisms to scribble down irreverently below someone else's self-consciously ironic/witty photos? No one, that's who.

Now resume taking that Facebook quiz which tells you which tortilla you are, flour or corn. I'm flour.

(If you're anything like Dask and I, or even Dask's girlfriend, you might be wondering what the four countries are that have a population greater than 200 million. You should know them, but I'll tell you anyway. Currently: 1) China, 2) India, 3) United States (bronze!), and, the one that stumped us... 4) Indonesia.)