Mar 27, 2010

The "Everyday" Quote of the Day - Now For Everyday Use!

"Poison!" (Repeat.)

For use in situations involving:
  • A chicken, hidden, unbeknownst to you, inside a bratty girl's pumpkin-headed warrior-friend, dangling from the fingertips of the vengeful Gnome King, over his literally cavernous throat, seconds from a gruesome and unhappy ending, surprising everyone (the chicken--herself--included) by laying a single, solitary, and unbelievably TOXIC egg in a moment of penultimate fear, which the Gnome King has no choice but to ingest, thereby ensuring his (and your) shocking and agonizing demise (see: the gnomes in Return to Oz)
  • The unintentional and/or unavoidable consumption of oft-maligned foodstuff (esp. vegetables) during an otherwise pleasant meal--like when you've been putting off eating the carrots on the edge of your plate in a half-ironic/half-genuine attempt to avoid consuming anything healthy, until you finally relent and therefore feel obligated to make a big show out of the act by exaggerating every "disgusting" bite
Press PLAY below for a lesson in the "everyday" application of this handy quote!

Tell me: How did you use the "Everyday" Quote of the Day today?