Apr 2, 2010

Remember when Tom Cruise & Penélope Cruz were a thing?

Oh yeah. That happened.

But just because it really happened doesn't mean it makes any logical sense. It's like thinking about the Holocaust--I mean, you know it happened (unless you're one of those Holocaust deniers, but I don't think you are), even though it's nearly impossible to rationally conceptualize. Did I just compare the pairing of Cruise/Cruz to the single most devastating event of the 20th Century? Yes.

I mean, why on earth would this honest-to-God Spanish goddess ("it's French for goddess") and future Oscar® winner canoodle with that Oprah®-freak-outter? Look at Oprah®’s face!

(A Google search for Tom Cruise+crazy yields 1.75 million results, while Oprah+crazy turns up over 3 million. It's all relative.)

The world sure was a different place back in 2000-early 2004.

This now concludes your random thought of the day!

Not quite! I would totally have a threesome with any two of the following three:

Also, according to this "news" report, Cruz apparently went on to make a movie called Sahara. Story developing...

Mar 29, 2010

Owls, Dragons, and Iron Men...Oh My!

Can you remember seeing a movie trailer you weren't expecting to see? For example, it's 1994, you don't have the internet, and you see this:

Kirk AND Picard...together?! I feel that in the age of web browsing phones we know too much about movies going into them. Don't you kind of feel like you've already seen Iron Man 2? Like, twice?

I've been trying to limit myself with what and how much I read about movies online. In some cases, I don't even want to watch the trailer. That was the case with The Hurt Locker and it blew me away (pun very much intended). It's so rewarding to go into a movie completely fresh. That's what I did this weekend with How To Train Your Dragon (in 2-D, save your money). I went in with no reservations or expectations and left grinning. Maybe a tad underdeveloped, but thoroughly enjoyable, nonetheless. And my God, Toothless is the most adorable dragon I've ever seen! I want 10 of him. But I've always been a sucker for a good animated film. Problem is, they are a rarity. And they certainly don't come from DreamWorks. But this was a treat!

But to bring us back, two of the trailers attached to How To Train Your Dragon were The Last Airbender (the real Avatar) and Legend of the Guardians. Both trailers I had seen online (more than once) but I really wish I hadn't and was watching them for the first time on the big screen. However, I don't care if you watch them online (hence the links). But if you're planning on seeing Dragon this week, wait it out.