Feb 5, 2010

"Japonese [sic] Amazing Show"

What is the best part of this YouTube discovery: the succinct written description* of the video ("it's amazing what this japanese does"), the clearly audible (and enthusiastic!) sounds of a man screaming as the performer accepts her medal(!), or the captivating trick itself?

WELL??  What is the best part?  Vote in the comments below.

Also, only 895 views!  I am soooo ahead of the viral curve, I feel like this is my discovery!  But it isn't.  It was Roger Ebert's.

*Succinct, but possibly inaccurate.  There is reason to believe she's Thai.

Feb 2, 2010

And The Nominees Are...

The nominees for the 82nd Annual Academy Awards are..

To impatient to watch the video? Click Here for a complete list.